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Get Involved

Women’s voices are strong when we raise them together. The work we do would not be possible without supporters, donors and volunteers. We’d love to have you get involved with the NHWF community!

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Taken at the New Hampshire Womens Foundatin Luncheon, November 9, 2016


Stay informed, share your expertise, lend a hand.
Your support makes our mission possible!

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Raise Your Voice

Make a call, sign a petition, run for office! There are many ways for your voice to be heard here in NH and beyond.

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Donate to NHWF

Invest in the potential of women and girls in New Hampshire.

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Know the Facts

Learn about the key issues facing NH women and girls.

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Get the latest information about the Foundation and our work for the women and girls of New Hampshire.

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NHWF Events

We offer a variety of educational events for women and girls in New Hampshire.

NHWF Events

Partner Events

Check out these events offered by our nonprofit partners!

Partner Events

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